Shincheonji - 958 - Distinguishing the Sons of Darkness and Sons of Light

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Distinguishing the Sons of Darkness and Sons of Light






Main references:  1 Thes 5, Jn 1:1-5, 8:12




The Word in the beginning is God.  It has the power of creation, and it is the light of life.  The light shines into the darkness, but it is written that the darkness has not understood it.  Also, as could be seen in 1 Thessalonians 5, there are two kinds of people.  One is the sons of light and the other is the sons of darkness.  Also, in Matthew 13, the two kinds of seed were sown 2,000 years ago during the First Coming.  Amongst these two kinds of seed, one is God’s seed and the other is the devil’s seed (weeds).  God’s seed becomes God’s sons of heaven, and the devil’s seed becomes the devil’s sons of hell. 




Jesus said the time when the seed grows and the wheat becomes ripe for the harvest is the Second Coming, the end of the world.  For 6,000 years the devil has been ruling over this world that has been without God.  The “end of the world” is referring to the devil and those born of the devil’s seed receiving judgment and disappearing.  As a result of the dragon being captured, the era of the corrupt, first heaven comes to an end.  God’s new era is re-created and an era where God reigns begins. An era of the light of God’s family has arrived. 




God’s will and objective have promised this, and people’s faith and hope also lie in this.  Jesus and God, who are light, came to the world that had been darkened by sin and evil. As light, they sowed the seed, which is life and light, and made it grow.  This was why Jesus, who came as light, said, “I am the light of the world.  Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life,” (Jn 8:12).  However, the sons of darkness, whom God had left, could not understand these words. 




In this world, for a long period of time, one era that became corrupt passed away and another generation came.  Generations passed away and came from the time ofAdam, Noah, Moses, Jesus’ First Coming and then moving on to the Second Coming. 




Paul, the apostle to the gentiles, carried out a life of faith that could be considered faultless in terms of the Law.  With regards to knowledge, he was so knowledgeable that he was considered second to none.  Paul killed Jesus’ disciple, Stephen, in accordance to the Law.  However, one day Paul met Jesus, whom he was persecuting (Acts 9).  After this, Paul threw away the Mosaic Law, which he considered as life and precious like God, and also his own knowledge (Phil 3:7-9). Then, he taught the revelation he received from heaven (Gal 1). 




Today, the pastors of this world and the church members who belong to them believe up to the fact that Jesus came at the time of the First Coming.  However, they can’t believe that Jesus comes again at the Second Coming, the prophecies that will be fulfilled at the Second Coming, its fulfillment (Revelation), or the fact that he has returned.  The reason for this is because they can’t understand the meaning of the prophecies of Revelation. 




The four gospels (prophecy) and Revelation are secrets of heaven, and therefore, they have been recorded figuratively.  Revelation of the New Testament is a secret of heaven that will be fulfilled in the future, and this was why it was sealed with seven seals.  How could anyone know?  However, God’s will and objective as well as salvation, which all mankind hopes for, is dependent on the fulfillment of Revelation. 




When people were stubbornly insisting on the Mosaic Law, Jesus came and proclaimed something new.  People considered Jesus as a heretic, treated him as if he was the devil, and did not believe in him.  Today, would the elementary believers of this era, who only believe in the First Coming just like the generation that only believed in the Mosaic Law, believe if they heard the testimony of how Revelation has been physically fulfilled?




What was recorded (prophecy) was recorded in figurative language, and when it is fulfilled, it will be proclaimed not as figurative language but as the physical fulfillment.  Just as Jesus proclaimed a new thing to those who stubbornly held on to the Mosaic Law at the First Coming, can those who are still in the elementary level and believe in the literal understanding of the figurative language believe when the physical fulfillment of what was spoken figuratively is proclaimed to them? 




When the words of the Bible are fulfilled, the actual entity of the “evil beast” is a false pastor.  Because people do not know the meaning of God’s word, they believe only in the words of their pastors and diligently attend and serve in their churches.  They say, “Lord, Lord,” only with their lips, and they think they will enter heaven.  These people do not have the Word in the beginning, that is, the light of life, and have become like the dark night. 




A person of light is a person who has the Word in the beginning, God, and Jesus within him.  The highest word of the path is the revealed word that testifies to how Revelation, which was recorded by John, has been physically fulfilled.  This word is the complete light, complete life, and the food of life. 




Jesus received and ate the scroll (the sealed book of the Old Testament).  He came and said, “I am the bread of life that comes down from heaven.” He said if anyone ate this bread, they would live forever.  Similarly, today too, the person who received and ate the scroll from heaven is the bread of life.




In any case, the Second Coming, the end of the world is like the time of Noah.  At that time, there are two kinds of people; sons of light and sons of darkness.  The people who are able to survive as the new generation dawns are those who are the sons of light, like Noah’s family members.  The ones who disappear are the sons of darkness. At the end of the age, the sons of darkness disappear, but the sons of light will be able to live with God eternally in heaven.




Therefore, the people living in the generation before Revelation is fulfilled are those who are only at the elementary level of the path, and are darkness.  The promised people mentioned in Revelation are the true light. 






SHINCHEONJI Healing All Nations

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