Shincheonji - 965 - The Law and Judgment of the Earth, the Law and Judgment of Heaven

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The Law and Judgment of the Earth, the Law and Judgment of Heaven








Many careers exist in the world. A judge or a prosecutor must be the most distressing among them all. There are laws of the earth and the laws of heaven, each with their respective judges. The laws of the earth lead like a blind man. The word “law ()” in Chinese is made up of two sub-characters that mean “water (=)” and “going ().” When a flood occurs, it wipes out the entire field regardless of whose field it may be. This judgment by the water is fair and just.




The law of heaven states that “the word (Bible)” is water (refer to Dt 32:2, Jn 3:5). Also the Law was inscribed on stone tablets. Both on earth and in heaven, a person is like a “living stone” where the law is inscribed, and that person is appointed to be the judge. The judges on both earth and in heaven make a judgment according to the word.


The judge on earth first investigates the facts to understand the situation and thinks of a way to save the criminal. When the criminal repents of his crime, he is offered an opportunity over a punishment. Then the court rules proceed, such as a suspension or a probation.




The judge in heaven works in the same way. He finds a way to save the sinner if he repents, but if the sinner decides to lie and makes excuses instead, he cannot be forgiven. It shows that the sinner does not admit his wrongdoing and has no intention to stop sinning. As a consequence, resentment will form between the sinner and the judge. There also exists one who disturbs the ruling.




Never before has Shincheonji Church of Jesus practiced shamanism, but a judge ruled that Shincheonji Church of Jesus did so. This judge made his judgment not based on truth but on lies. This judge will come before the gates of heaven and he himself will be judged by the law of heaven. Like so, those who do the work of salvation will be with God and speak only the truth, and even those who have sinned will be forgiven, if they repent.





SHINCHEONJI Healing All Nations

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