Shincheonji - 967 - The Actions of Leaving One's Position of Authority, Betraying, and Creating a Sect

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The Actions of Leaving One's Position of Authority, Betraying, and Creating a Sect






Jesus strongly warned his disciples regarding leaving their position of authority, betraying, and creating a sect.




The Bible is the standard of the life of faith for believers. The word of warning was given in advance in order to prevent one from betraying and creating a sect. Even if one knows this fact, if one still leaves one's position of authority, betrays, and creates a sect, it is because one has  arrogance and the greed to become higher like the son of dawn, the Morning Star (Isa 14:12), and King Tyre (Ez 28).  This is because one has the greed to become the owner, the king, and God himself. The devil likes it when one has this kind of heart and he enters in and changes that person’s actions to the devil’s actions. 




If one were to say "OOKim has left her position of authority and abandoned her home, betrayed, and created a sect," who would respond saying, "Yes, that's correct"? They would likely respond giving the reasons why it isn't true. However, at this time, if people don't believe in God and God's word and don't keep it, but believe in the person, the person’s kindness, and believe in that person’s words, they will be uniting with a betrayer.  This is how we can know who are the believers and who are not at this time. 




Believing in a person and believing in God is different. For those who followed OOKim out, what do you think they were looking at when they followed her out? They left following the words of a person, not believing in the words of God. Is this the faith of believing in God? Despite the fact they saw the fulfillment of the promises of the Bible, they didn’t believe and left because they belonged to the flesh. 




At the time of judgment, every person's actions will be judged according to the words recorded in the book (Jn 12:48, Rv 20:12). Of course, as promised, the one who received the white stone and the 12 tribe leaders he established will judge according to the word that is recorded.




Betrayers, destroyers, those who create sects, and those who lie are judged at this time. If one believes this, one would not commit these sins. Because they don't believe in this, they left their positions of authority, betrayed and created a sect without any hesitation.




As a result of their momentary greed and arrogance, they will be judged and receive the punishment of hell. How sad and frustrating is it for the pastor who knows this? No matter how hard I try to make them realize this, they don't listen and there's nothing else that can be done. Failing to believe and keep the words of God show they never had the heart to carry out a life of faith from the beginning.  Instead, they just wanted to live according to the world and their flesh




Now is the time of judgment. Revelation talks about this very well. At this time of Revelation's fulfillment, they betray and create a sect because of their physical greed and personal claims. If they had God's word within them, they would not have betrayed. Even if they were deceived, they would have overcome it.




God recorded in detail in the Bible to warn against betrayal and creating a sect. They cannot say they neither heard nor saw it. Betrayers pretend they are something and holy even as they create their own sect, and they claim their actions are correct. However, at the time of judgment, they will have nothing to say (유구무언有口無言 “You possess a mouth but you have no words to say). 





SHINCHEONJI Healing All Nations

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