Shincheonji - 968 - The Promised Kingdom and People

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                 The Promised Kingdom and People

After the worlds of Adam and Noah became corrupt, there was the world of Moses, which consisted of the descendants of Abraham, Physical Israel.  There was also the world of Jesus, Spiritual Israel. Now is the generation of a new people and a promised nation--New Spiritual Israel that is created at the time of Jesus’s Second Coming.  

Physical Israel made a covenant with God to keep the Mosaic Law.  The law that Spiritual Israel had to keep was the law of freedom of the new covenant.  That is, they had to engrave Revelation in their hearts and keep it. This was the creation of a new thing (Jer 31:22).


The creation of a new thing consists of sowing of the two kinds of seed and establishing a new covenant. After God made this known, He came to Jesus, the promised pastor, and sowed two kinds of seed.  Jesus promised that he would come again and harvest (Mt 13) and then left. This was the fulfillment of the Old Testament.  

At the time of the Second Coming, the ripe fruits from the seed that was sown are harvested and sealed to create the twelve tribes (Rv 7, 14).  This is how the promise of Jer 31:22 is fulfilled.  

As promised in the new covenant (Lk 22) Jesus established by his blood on the night of the Passover at the First Coming, today, God’s kingdom and priests are purchased with this blood (Rv 5).  Therefore, these are the people who have been freed from their sins
 (devil) (Rv 1:5
); they are the new kingdom and the new people. 


The new covenant Jesus established with his blood and the work of re-creation was for God’s new kingdom and new people, the 12 tribes of Revelation.  God, Jesus, and heaven will come to this people, the promised 12 tribes, and dwell with them eternally (Rv 21). This is the promised new nation and new people.






SHINCHEONJI Healing All Nations

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